How much does a good humidor cost?

If you are in the market for a Humidor then you’ve probably looked at many options and wondered how much does a good humidor cost?

Further below we’ll explain the different options out there by way of Humidors and their costs.

How much does a good humidor cost?

A good humidor depending on whether is a travel humidor, a small humidor or a larger humidor will cost between a range of $300 up to $5000 depending on the quality of the wood used and the components of the humidor such as the thermostat and humidifier.



When it comes to buying a humidor, you will have noticed there are many available and at different price points, but why is one more expensive than the other?

There are many reasons why a humidor might be more expensive than another such as the type of wood or material it is made from, the number of cigars it holds, and the size for example a travel humidor vs a permanent larger humidor that would stay in its given place such as your home bar.  The brand or manufacturer of the humidor will also play into the price, some being great manufacturers vs others that are low quality with a lower price point.

Why are some humidors more expensive than others?

To answer this question, you need to consider what we’ve mentioned above, the quality of the craftsmanship used to make the humidor, think Ford vs Aston martin. The size of the humidor such as a small travel or desktop humidor vs a larger home bar type humidor, the materials used the reputation of the manufacturer.

All of these factors will contribute to the overall price of the humidor.

What types of humidors are there?

There are several to choose from and each is made with its own purpose.

Travel Humidors

You can find effective and high-quality travel humidors in this range. Travel humidors typically have a lower capacity, but when bringing 5-10 cigars on the road, they can be a perfect option. Look for some sort of humidification element as well as a protective case.

Acrylic Humidors

Acrylic humidors are a good option for a low-maintenance humdior for cigars. They also have a nice look and feel and display cigars in a clear natural manner.

Whilst they are not as popular amongst humidor manufacturers, they are gaining popularity so we expect to see more acrylic humidors being made over the coming years.

We have seen glass humidors around for some time now and whilst they also offer the same presentation benefits for your cigars as mentioned above, they are also prone to damage should you accidentally drop one, there’s a high chance it may smash or break and ultimately damage your cigars.

Overall Acrylic cigar humidors are an affordable hassle-free way of storing your best and favourite cigars in a presentable manner.


Desktop Humidors

The desktop humidor, or the tabletop humidor, is probably the most classic in size and style. Look for a cherry or mahogany exterior finish with a front-facing digital or analogue hygrometer. At this price range, Spanish cedar inlay should be expected, and you should be able to identify ways the design bolsters the longevity of your cigar collection.

Walk-in Humidors

Much larger in size and as their name states you can walk inside these types of humidors. They also hold a lot of cigars. Most commonly found in exclusive gentlemen’s clubs are hotel lobbies and specialist cigar dealers.


Cabinet Humidors

Humidor cabinets are not only great for a high volume of cigars, but they also become room pieces that call to attention your love of cigars and are perfect for browsing your collection. Yes, the price tag goes up considerably, but for some, it’s worth it. These can be temperature controlled as well.

Glass Top Humidors

Glass top humidors in this range aren’t for looks alone: a glass top allows you and your guest to browse the selection without opening the lid, exposing the cigars too frequently to uncontrolled humidity levels. But a glass element also invites the possibility of a poor seal. You want to ensure good craftsmanship so no air escapes where the glass meets wood.


And the list goes on.

desktop humidor

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