What is a Humidor

If you even have an interest in cigars, it’s not long before you’ll need to think about storage options for cigars. They require very particular temperatures and levels to maintain their freshness for storage for the long term and you’ll not be capable of keeping them at the proper humidity without a Humdior, but what is a humidor you ask?

If you’re just beginning to explore the world of smoking cigars the idea of a humidor for the first time might seem like a mystery. Maintaining your cigars at the right level of humidity does not have to be a hassle but it is a challenge.

This article will provide everything you should know about choosing as well as using your humidor in order to ensure you’re Cubans are at the top of flavor for a longer period of time.

What is a Humidor?


An humidor, also known as an evaporator or a container for storage which is intended to help keep a certain humidity level. This is critical for cigars because the tobacco leaves in them will naturally expand and contract based on the relative humidity of the air around them.

If cigars are dry, they shrink and lose their appealing taste and smell. They’ll also get too hot and make them difficult to smoke correctly. On the other hand, extremely high humidity will lead to mould and possibly rot which will ruin your prized cigars.

A humidor could be as small as a container for use as a portable humidor or as huge as a walk-in one, which is very among specialized cigar suppliers around the world.

If it’s a container or a cabinet, or even an oversized cigar humidifier that’s similar to an entire fridge, every one is fitted with a sturdy seal to keep the internal temperature , and will also have an hygrometer and thermostat to help keep the ideal conditions.

Both small and big humidors function similarly to ensure the perfect temperatures and relative humidity that will ensure that your cigars stay dry.

How Do Humidors Work?


A great humidor is equipped with everything you require to ensure your cigars are kept in the right conditions. More than just a box, a high-quality cigar humidor has several important parts to provide perfect climate control inside.

The Humidifier


The most important part of a humidor is its humidification system. It can be either simple or complicated, based of the dimension and the quality in the humidor. The humidifier will add moisture to the humidor to ensure that your cigars remain plump and burn more slowly.

Proper humidity also helps preserve essential oils, which provide the flavor and aroma you expect from your favourite cigars.In general, your goal is to keep your humidor at 70 percent relative humidity for optimal storage conditions. To do this, your humidor needs a source of water. There are many ways to bring water into the interior of your home such as:

Crystal Gel: Which are very small beads which will hold with no issues over 300 times their weight in water. These beads purpose is to over time slow release the water back into the atmosphere of the humidor and therefore keep your cigars moist. Simply soak the crystal gel beads in water in order to make them react and start their process.

Silica Beads: You will have seen these many times over if you’ve ever bought a new pair of shoes. They usually come in small white packets with shoes but they are also well known for absorbing water and moisture and therefore a great option for use inside of a humidor.

Humidipaks: Unlike refillable humidifiers, Humidipak provides true “two-way” humidity control by adding or absorbing moisture as needed, maintaining the ideal climate for wooden instruments: 45 to 55%* Relative Humidity. One point to note is your humidipaks will need to be replaced every 2-3 months.

One of the most well known brands for humidipaks are the Boveda humidpaks.

Electronic Humidifiers: Great for keeping moisture inside your humidor. best used with distilled water, these devices can be extremely useful when used properly and they are inexpensive to buy also.

The Hygrometer

A hydrometer or lactometer is an instrument used for measuring the density or relative density of liquids based on the concept of buoyancy. These are a vital component of any humidor as they measure the humidity levels inside of the humidor allowing you to know whether you need to add water and absorb water to bring the humidity to the right level inside the humidor.

humidor thermostat

The Thermostat

The ideal temperature inside of the humidor should be around 70 degrees fahrenheit. A thermostat is required to provide you with the most accurate temperature inside the humidor so you can keep your cigars at their optimum state.

Having a heater and cooler set up inside your humidor that is connected to your thermostat will help maintain the right temperature. The heater or cooler can be synced to kick in and either cool or heat the humidor depending on the temperature the thermostat picks up.

What type of wood should you use for a humidor?

One of the best woods to use for a humidor is Spanish Cedar, why you may ask well it has many excellent values.

It repels insects and is resistant to rot which is vital if you want your cigars to stay in their prime condition and not be ruined! Spanish cedar is also well known to provide additional flavour to your cigars. Cigar enthusiasts around the world swear by Spanish cedar as their first choice wood selection when making or purchasing a cigar humidor.